Townsvilleshire Too

The squeeky wheel, KILLS YOU

TKO arrived outside of Townsvilleshire a week after leaving the Vryloka’s Mansion. Smoke was seen rising from the town, but first the group checked the barrier in the rat’s nest. As they feared, it was gone.

The group headed towards the city. As they arrived they saw a hooded figure holding an amulet that was stolen from the Mansion. He was holding it in front of a man lying on the ground. The hooded figure, who looked to be a Were-rat, took off as the party approached. The man on the ground was the alchemist and it appeared he was turning in to a were-rat. They found out that the whole town was sick or had disappeared. They went to the Mayor, who refused to open the door. He was apparently scared of getting sick too (and had gone a little insane). They were told that the white mage should be contacted to help fix what had happened here.

At the white mage’s slightly inadequate tower, TKO learned that a rat plague had swept though the town. Whitey knew of a way to fix it but lacked the ingredients. A cave to the north of town, was the home to creatures who’s skin was needed for the cleansing ritual.

In the cave the group was surprised to see Skimpy. Skimpy was burning the creatures that the group needed. Once the players realized this they attacked the mage. He was easily defeated, along with some of the shambling creatures. Skimpy attempted to shape-shift and flee but was killed mid hop by the party’s hunter.

The group met up again with the white mage and headed towards town to begin the ritual. There they saw Glydor with a giant rat. He was dragging the mayor away towards the bridge.

to be continued….



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