The Rise and Fall of Glydor

Back in the tavern, Livid ran in to a ex-Gladiator named Glydor. He was with one of the Merchant caravans that got attacked. The group convinced Glydor that they were old friends, and they needed his help. He agreed, but said it would have to wait until he was more rested. TKO moved on to the Mayor’s house.

At the Mayor’s, the party learned of the vermin infestation that was happening by the hold bridge. Apparently, 2 masons were sent to seal the nest, but they never returned. It was decided that a magical barrier was to be erected there to seal the rats in. TKO went to the Town’s Mage, Skimpy. Skimpy said a pure spike (of gold or silver) was necessary for the barrier spell to be enchanted upon. The blacksmith had the spike and the white mage knew how to cast this spell.

At Urwol the Blacksmith’s house, the group tried to persuade the Blacksmith to give them the spike. They, unfortunately, were not persuasive enough and the smith would only give them the item for 4k gold. TKO instead went to the White Mage’s house. They hoped to find a way around using the Blacksmith’s spike. They didn’t find one. It was then decided to kill Urwol and take the spike. When they arrived back at the house, Urwol was gone. The spike was located, but it was guarded by a baby dragon named Irontail. The group wasted no time in destroying and skinning the beast, before breaking in to the chest and taking the spike.

That night, Urwol’s cries could be heard throughout the town. In the morning the group headed out. The spike was enchanted and the cave was found. A few rat’s were killed before the entrance was arrived at. The group no longer wanted Glydor with them. He was tricked by the Warlock and Cleric to enter the cave first. Then the spike was driven in to the ground. As Glydor reached out to the players, the barrier was created, ripping off Glydor’s hand. Glydor was trapped on the other as the group left.

On the way out of town, chanted was heard coming from the other side of the river. 3 mages were talking and chanting near the black tower (which is larger than the white tower). As the group approached, 2 of the mages ran and one fought the adventurers. After defeating the fire mage the tower was entered and a secret basement found. The other 2 mages were summoning a beholder in to the world. As the mage’s died, the Beholder became weaker, until it was too destroyed. The players collected their spoils and rode in to the sunset.



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