Dead, but not forgotten

A month has passed since leaving Townsvilleshire. The group has rested and recovered, and even procured a new member. They were once again sent out to help the world. This time, a small community of Vryloka needed help. They were being attacked by the undead, and due to their superstitious fears of them, they were having trouble stopping it. The group arrived at their mansion during one such attack. After killing the zombies, the group met the Lord of the manor. He invited them in to a feast.

Once a month, the Vryloka through a small tournament, usually fought by slaves, criminals and other groups trying to earn some extra gold or treasure. The Lord decided that TKO should join, in order to prove their strength. The next day the tournament was held. The game was a dangerous version of musical chairs, filled with traps and enemies, but the party won. They were rewarded with blessings from the Vryloka’s god.

As each member received their blessing, they dropped a piece of armor or weapon in to a pool of blood. Finally the Cleric dropped his shield in. The cleric was teleported to a new plain of existence. Here, his god Pelor turned his back as Asmondeus approached the cleric. Asmondeus was impressed with the cleric’s disregard for life and his domination over the weak. Asmondeus chose him as his new disciple and imbued him with new power. He told him to spread the word of tyranny and domination, then teleported him back to where he was. Only the cleric knew what happened…



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