The Adventurer's Arrive

Merchants were being killed on the roads around Townsvilleshire. The adventure guild Team Klockwerk Orange was sent to investigate. Upon arriving, the players spoke to the Mayor. The Mayor explained that attacks were happening all around the area, and the players should investigate the last 3 locations where attacks occurred. A reward was offered to the party.

First, the forest was explored. A man was found, left for dead by bandits, and under attack by wolves. The group quickly sprung in to action, defeating the wolves and healing the man. The man turned out to be an alchemist. His family (son and daughter) were taken by the bandits to the north. TKO went north and found the bandit camp. The bandits were defeated and the son of the alchemist was found, but the daughter was sold to the goblins. Again the adventurers were off, this time to the southern caves where the goblins were killed and the daughter was rescued. The Mayor was happy and rewarded them with some gold and horses. (Livid actually stole his horse by lying and saying that it was killed in battle) The Alchemist rewarded the players with some healing potions.



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