Townsvilleshire Too
The squeeky wheel, KILLS YOU

TKO arrived outside of Townsvilleshire a week after leaving the Vryloka’s Mansion. Smoke was seen rising from the town, but first the group checked the barrier in the rat’s nest. As they feared, it was gone.

The group headed towards the city. As they arrived they saw a hooded figure holding an amulet that was stolen from the Mansion. He was holding it in front of a man lying on the ground. The hooded figure, who looked to be a Were-rat, took off as the party approached. The man on the ground was the alchemist and it appeared he was turning in to a were-rat. They found out that the whole town was sick or had disappeared. They went to the Mayor, who refused to open the door. He was apparently scared of getting sick too (and had gone a little insane). They were told that the white mage should be contacted to help fix what had happened here.

At the white mage’s slightly inadequate tower, TKO learned that a rat plague had swept though the town. Whitey knew of a way to fix it but lacked the ingredients. A cave to the north of town, was the home to creatures who’s skin was needed for the cleansing ritual.

In the cave the group was surprised to see Skimpy. Skimpy was burning the creatures that the group needed. Once the players realized this they attacked the mage. He was easily defeated, along with some of the shambling creatures. Skimpy attempted to shape-shift and flee but was killed mid hop by the party’s hunter.

The group met up again with the white mage and headed towards town to begin the ritual. There they saw Glydor with a giant rat. He was dragging the mayor away towards the bridge.

to be continued….

The Crypt
Only fools rush in...

The next morning, TKO is called in to the Lords chambers. There, along with his wife and son, the Lord explains to the group that an evil Vryloka necromancer (and his half-brother) has been attacking the mansion. There are valuable treasures locked in a vault that the brother wanted. Normally, these attacks weren’t anything to be alarmed about, but recently they have become more frequent and stronger. He though maybe the Necro, had a new ally. The Lord asked the group to find and stop the necromancer. He was worried that with the code and key (of which he already had the key), the necromancer could break in to the value and steal all the treasure. At that point the son, Krayte, spoke up and said he also wanted to go. The father shot him down and said he wasn’t strong enough. The party agreed to help the Lord(after negotiating for some treasure).

The mansion was again attacked. Krayte ran ahead during the commotion, against his father’s wishes. The party stayed and fought the undead. This time they were indeed more numerous, and had among them undead rat swarms. The group was barely surviving when the wife of the lord came out and banished the remaining swarms. She told the group that they need to save her son and also asked for the safe return of the Necromancer, Dayan. It turned out that she was having an affair with him and didn’t want to see him harmed. But even more important she wanted her son returned. Extra treasure was promised.

After a rest the group set out to the crypt. They found some cultists raising the dead. It appeared they had already been attacked. The group finished them off and stole their clothes and masks. Down in the crypt the group heard talking. Disguised as cultists they entered the chambers of the Necromancer. The necromancer gave a key to a rat sitting on his shoulder and the rat ran to the back of the room. A cultist was casting some sort of spell on Krayte, who was tied to an altar. The group sprung in to action. As they revealed themselves to be there to stop the Necromancer, the rat shape-shifted in to a hybrid rat/human and ran out a secret passage. The Necro fought the group, along with a mind controlled Krayte, but was defeated.

Krayte had been turned in to a vampire. He was ashamed and horrified at the monster he had become. The group covered Krayte with a robe to protect him from the son and threw the Dayan’s unconscious body in to a treasure chest. They returned to the castle, bringing the 2 vampires with them. The castle looked as though it was attacked again. Many of the inhabitants were sick or dead. Even the Lord was injured, but not killed. He said rats, both undead and alive, attacked the castle. At this point the father saw Krayte and was disgusted at what he had become. He told the adventurer’s to go downstairs and check the vault.

There were dead rats and a dead human downstairs. The wife was hurt but alive. She cried for her son, and killed Dayan when she found out what he had done. All the treasures had been stolen by were-rats. On the dead human corpse, the group found a Mason’s amulet. They knew this meant that the masons from Townsvilleshire were the ones that were helping Dayan.

The Lord had a change of heart, and told the party if they could save his son, he would bestow all he had left to them and move in to the countryside to live with his family. The party agreed and set off with Krayte, the emo vampire in tow.

Dead, but not forgotten

A month has passed since leaving Townsvilleshire. The group has rested and recovered, and even procured a new member. They were once again sent out to help the world. This time, a small community of Vryloka needed help. They were being attacked by the undead, and due to their superstitious fears of them, they were having trouble stopping it. The group arrived at their mansion during one such attack. After killing the zombies, the group met the Lord of the manor. He invited them in to a feast.

Once a month, the Vryloka through a small tournament, usually fought by slaves, criminals and other groups trying to earn some extra gold or treasure. The Lord decided that TKO should join, in order to prove their strength. The next day the tournament was held. The game was a dangerous version of musical chairs, filled with traps and enemies, but the party won. They were rewarded with blessings from the Vryloka’s god.

As each member received their blessing, they dropped a piece of armor or weapon in to a pool of blood. Finally the Cleric dropped his shield in. The cleric was teleported to a new plain of existence. Here, his god Pelor turned his back as Asmondeus approached the cleric. Asmondeus was impressed with the cleric’s disregard for life and his domination over the weak. Asmondeus chose him as his new disciple and imbued him with new power. He told him to spread the word of tyranny and domination, then teleported him back to where he was. Only the cleric knew what happened…

The Rise and Fall of Glydor

Back in the tavern, Livid ran in to a ex-Gladiator named Glydor. He was with one of the Merchant caravans that got attacked. The group convinced Glydor that they were old friends, and they needed his help. He agreed, but said it would have to wait until he was more rested. TKO moved on to the Mayor’s house.

At the Mayor’s, the party learned of the vermin infestation that was happening by the hold bridge. Apparently, 2 masons were sent to seal the nest, but they never returned. It was decided that a magical barrier was to be erected there to seal the rats in. TKO went to the Town’s Mage, Skimpy. Skimpy said a pure spike (of gold or silver) was necessary for the barrier spell to be enchanted upon. The blacksmith had the spike and the white mage knew how to cast this spell.

At Urwol the Blacksmith’s house, the group tried to persuade the Blacksmith to give them the spike. They, unfortunately, were not persuasive enough and the smith would only give them the item for 4k gold. TKO instead went to the White Mage’s house. They hoped to find a way around using the Blacksmith’s spike. They didn’t find one. It was then decided to kill Urwol and take the spike. When they arrived back at the house, Urwol was gone. The spike was located, but it was guarded by a baby dragon named Irontail. The group wasted no time in destroying and skinning the beast, before breaking in to the chest and taking the spike.

That night, Urwol’s cries could be heard throughout the town. In the morning the group headed out. The spike was enchanted and the cave was found. A few rat’s were killed before the entrance was arrived at. The group no longer wanted Glydor with them. He was tricked by the Warlock and Cleric to enter the cave first. Then the spike was driven in to the ground. As Glydor reached out to the players, the barrier was created, ripping off Glydor’s hand. Glydor was trapped on the other as the group left.

On the way out of town, chanted was heard coming from the other side of the river. 3 mages were talking and chanting near the black tower (which is larger than the white tower). As the group approached, 2 of the mages ran and one fought the adventurers. After defeating the fire mage the tower was entered and a secret basement found. The other 2 mages were summoning a beholder in to the world. As the mage’s died, the Beholder became weaker, until it was too destroyed. The players collected their spoils and rode in to the sunset.

The Adventurer's Arrive

Merchants were being killed on the roads around Townsvilleshire. The adventure guild Team Klockwerk Orange was sent to investigate. Upon arriving, the players spoke to the Mayor. The Mayor explained that attacks were happening all around the area, and the players should investigate the last 3 locations where attacks occurred. A reward was offered to the party.

First, the forest was explored. A man was found, left for dead by bandits, and under attack by wolves. The group quickly sprung in to action, defeating the wolves and healing the man. The man turned out to be an alchemist. His family (son and daughter) were taken by the bandits to the north. TKO went north and found the bandit camp. The bandits were defeated and the son of the alchemist was found, but the daughter was sold to the goblins. Again the adventurers were off, this time to the southern caves where the goblins were killed and the daughter was rescued. The Mayor was happy and rewarded them with some gold and horses. (Livid actually stole his horse by lying and saying that it was killed in battle) The Alchemist rewarded the players with some healing potions.


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